What I Love

I just posted another response to Ann Linquist’s blog. I wanted to share what I wrote here. I am not normally all that sentimental or squishy-hearted. But, the prompt brought out a little different side of my normal writing. Below you will find it. I hope you like it.

Paper and Flower

I loved my bicycle. There was nothing greater than the wind roaring in my ears as I raced my friends down a hill.
I loved my books. Worlds without end, facts, myths, and new meanings gave me new intellect and expanded my understanding.
I loved my music. The harmony of life cannot exist without music.
I loved my girlfriend. The first heartbreak hardens you in the softest of places.
I loved my car. The oil, grease, and bruised knuckles gave me pride of ownership.
I loved my job. The value of a dollar measured with my own sweat.
I loved my family. What matters less is everything else.

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