Read. People. Read.

I wanted to write something real quick before I am too caught up in the eating of the turkey, dressing, pie, and more pie. Before the tryptophan coma (I know, I read it already) takes over my existence, until the last of the leftovers can be consumed. Plus the pie. Don’t forget the pie.

Friday, I read to some very eager third graders. I forced them to listen to me read poetry. Ah, the horror! I tell you what, those little ones are quite smart. The questions that they asked for context and clarity were outside my expectations. I read two poems from the former Poet Laureate (2001-2003) Billy Collins titled “Litany,” and “The Country.” I find both quite fun to read. Letting the guys and gals of this third grade class interpret them was even more enlightening for myself than I thought it would be.

The world is so full of coma inducing media for children it is refreshing to see that these third graders could step out from the pretty lights and pictures and use their minds to express something as abstract as poetry. Read to your children. It doesn’t have to be as obtuse as poetry can sometimes be. Although, Billy Collins is quite funny. You can read them anything. There are stories written every day that can provide so much entertainment for you and your child. And believe me, they can understand more than you could imagine.

Read. People. Read.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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