Who or what is Walterburgle?

This is the first official blog entry for this site. So, I suppose that it should explain the name or, at least, poke fun at it. I have used the Walterburgle or Whalterburgle alias a few times when signed up for online do-wha-ditties. The most recent was a Create Writing Workshop lead by Ann Linquist. You can find her blog here. Nice lady. Nice course. I enjoyed the workshop. It lead me back into writing and help reassure that I might have some talent. However deeply hidden it might be…

Walterburgle seems like a name that should have some meaning. I had friend named Walter. He was a nice guy. Not a saint, mind you. But no thief. So, he would not have been linked with the name ‘burgle’ by any means. Burgle is to steal. You got that, right? I don’t think that he was stolen either. Not in any sense I could recall. Who would name themselves after an abduction of a friend anyway? Yeah, I might do that. But I didn’t. Mostly, because he wasn’t abducted (as far as I know).

It could be a misspelling of water bugle. You know,a couple of added letters because my hands shake sometimes. So, let us take a look at what a water bugle might be. Well, some really old reference to a bugleweed (Lycopus viginicus) might be what I was going for in the name. You know one of those weeds that grow by the water – said to cure TB, anxiety, prevent pregnancy, and change the color of your skin. I should package that right up and sell it. But as badly as I type, that wasn’t it either. I really only found out about water bugles about a minute ago.

Maybe it was a clairvoyant moment that I knew I would have a blog with that name. So, I created the alias. But I wouldn’t have needed the blog without the name. Or even the name without the blog. I mean, I already have a name. My momma gave it to me. (My dad had a little to say about it, too.) But being that I have the blog now and the name before, creates a bit of a paradox. You know that infinite loop of reality that really messes with time travel. It clearly screws with the reasoning for this name as well. So that couldn’t be it. If so, I might just vaporize into some bits and pieces due to the perturbative nature of the paradox and all. Eik. Well, I just looked into the mirror. I am still in a corporeal state. You know solid and what-not. OK – Not it.

I don’t think there is any real reason for the name. Although, if you say it really fast it sounds cool. If you say it really slowly and raise an eyebrow, it is a little seductive. Well, not when I do it. But when a really pretty lady raises her eyebrow and says “Walterburgle,” that’s hot. Although pretty ladies saying anything can be hot.

Well, this is my almost exhaustive research on the name Walterburgle. And in conclusion, I have determined that I am not bursting into pieces due to some clairvoyance, have an abducted friend named Walter, or really know much about water bugles. So, it must be just a random sequence of neuron synapses that generated the really cool (and sexy) name Walterburgle. Who knew I could be so lucky.