Bradbury Challenge

I have awesome friends. That is just something that I would like to put out there. This weekend I met with a couple of my writer buddies and had a nice conversation, not just about writing. We chat about all sorts of things. This is something that I would like to continue. Recently, I have been ramping up my writing time, setting goals, and missing goals. In my previous job, I came to feel comfortable with deadlines. I didn’t always meet them. The difference between missing them then and missing them now is that I don’t have anyone to hold me accountable for missed deadlines. Well, that all changes in September.

We are getting together and committing to a slightly modified version of the Ray Bradbury challenge. If you don’t know about the challenge, it is one of two that Mr. Bradbury suggested for writers. One is to write a short story, poem, or essay every night for 1,000 nights. This might be possible for a writer of Bradbury or King prolificacy. Not something that I could pull off. Way too many things in life that will absolutely prevent me from reaching that lofty goal. The other challenge is to write a short story every week for 52 weeks. We are taking the second and modifying it to the following:

Write a short story, poem, flash fiction, or chapter in your current work in progress every week with a minimum of 250 words.

We start in September. I am really looking forward to the deadlines and the accountability.

Let’s do this.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mr. Bradbury.

By photo by Alan Light, CC BY 2.0,


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