The Writers Forum 2017

Last year we had a blast with the speakers at The Writers Forum sponsored by the Rome Area Writers. This year looks like we will be having as much or even more fun.

We will be welcoming three speakers with great credentials. I am looking forward to meeting each of these guys and learning as much as I can along the way.

Save the date and join me for the day.

2015, I mean 2016

This will be my first post for the new year. DUH!

I have been writing a few short length stories, micro, flash, and the short story or two while tearing down and rebuilding the current novel. All of these are less than 5k words. Some as low as 100 words. I do like to write this type of fiction. Sometimes, the idea starts as a simple vignette and blooms into a full story arc. It is like watching a plant grow in time-lapse photography-quick and to the point, with all of the beauty. I hope to have a few of these published. Finding the market for my stories is harder than writing them at times.

The list below are a few posts from bloggers/authors that I think you should take a look at this week.

Hannah Heath : 10 Reasons Why Writers Aren’t the Weird Ones
Not sure if I agree with number #2. I think I have seen quite a few folks walking around in their PJ’s. Maybe it is more normal than it is conventional.

Jess Alter : Novel Update: Man and Brother
If you haven’t read ”Til Undeath Do Us Part,’ you should. <- That’s a period.

John P. Schultz: Quotes and Daily Notes
John writes an uplifting post almost every day of the year. The are quick and true. Check out his books ‘Requiem for a Redneck’, ‘Redemption for a Redneck,’ and he has ‘Sweet Drives on Chemo Days’ a cancer survivorship autobiography.

Have a great new year.