Two Things and a Little More

I sit here, staring at the screen -wondering just how I should really start this story. I have more than one beginning and believe that a new one might be in order. I like to read about other people’s ideas on writing. I like what Orson Scott Card calls the M.I.C.E. quotient. Check it out here. Read his books as well. They are pretty good.

Well, two things come to mind. Of course, I don’t know what they are. “Two things” is just something I like to say when I don’t know what I am about to say anyway. I think that’s because, surely, I can come up with two things before I get on to the next sentence. And guess what? I have thought of two things. Sex and music. Which are completely unrelated to the plot or characters in this story. OK, Great! Now, how is that going to help me in this pursuit to find the girl. Not MY pursuit, but Mike’s pursuit. He would be the protagonist of this story that I am writing. I am not intentionally writing this story to be a typical romance or mind-bender story of the power of music. This story is about a man who desperately needs to find a lost girl who through a functional mystery of life he knows he can find. The only catch is he knows he cannot find her alive. Throw in a miserable foe that has the girl and his only ambition is to get his lost love back -from the grave- in any way that he can. Consumed with this desire and his grandfather’s Creek magic; he will do anything to get her back. Even if it costs the girl her life.

Because I am so productive, I ‘wasted’ a little time this afternoon and read a few blog posts. A couple that you might want to read:


Books I have recently read and want to talk about:

Jessica Alter is starting a new series with a different spin on the supernatural. The Cryptid Series. She is applying a scientific approach the to subject with some really interesting characters. The first book read well with a definite feel that it is a setup book for the series. Jessica is a talented writer and you should read her work.

I just finished Ransom Riggs “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” It took me a little over a day to read the book. It has a little over 350 pages with some real nifty pictures. I liked the book and plan on reading the next two in the series. You might want to check it out as well.

Don’t forget that I have a Twitter and Facebook accounts. I say some pretty ridiculous things there on a fairly regular basis.

Happy writing and reading.

5 Replies to “Two Things and a Little More”

  1. Thank you so much, Ward, for what you said both about the Cryptid Series and about my writing. I’m busting my tooshie right now getting the second book (Man and Brother) in the chute for an end-of-2015 publication, and what you wrote picked up my spirits when they were flagging. I’m back up and back into it again.

    I appreciate your words very much. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hi, Ward. I read the first “Miss Peregrine” novel and am starting the second right now. Very good.

    We miss you over at EDF. I hope your absence is due to your concentrating on writing rather than not doing well.

    1. Thanks for the comment. A lot has gone on in the last few months. Writing has taken a bit of a back seat to other concerns. Like moving to a new town, children (probably enough said there), and finding whatever is making that terrible tapping sound in the new house. But nothing to do with health. 🙂

      I still read a few stories from EDF when I get the chance. I just haven’t been taking the time to comment as much as I should. I think that is a great site. I hope to focus on and complete my novel within the year. Starting in August expect more from me on the short side of writing as well. I have a few stories that are “aging” now.

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