And they are back

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Recently, Every Day Fiction a flash fiction e-zine had troubles with their site. I am happy to say that they are back up and providing stories again. Unfortunately, they lost their ratings system for their stories. They have a new one up and would like for you, dear reader, to vote for your favorite stories. I have taken a little time this morning to bring up a few stories that had lingered in my memory from past readings. I think that you would like them as well.

Funny and a little dark:
I Am Pirli You Are Oona by Sandy Parsons

Peter Wood can do funny as well (not dark):
Well, That’s Just Super by Peter Wood

This is like an article from “Horror Times.” I loved it.
They Are Legion. They Are Pigeon by Lynda Clark

Zombie story – with a heart:
All We Can Do by Brian J Hunt

Robots, get your robots:
Eraser by Jeremiah Wolf

What was the number one story for the site before the crash?
Halloween Coming Out by Jeff Switt!

And of course, I would like for you to rate may story again.
Little Old Lady by Ward Weatherford

Thanks for taking the time to read the work of these other writers. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. You can also filter stories by their genre by clicking any one of these links below:

Science Fiction

Have a great time reading!

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