The stuffies and Seth’s Curio

I am struggling with the protective, plastic sleeve wrapped around the Glucocorticoid spray. My wife says this will help me with the stuffies. It was just over a month ago, that I was getting over walking pneumonia. It started out just like this – head filled to the point of explosion. I resisted taking anything for it early on. You know, mind over matter. Only, the matter won that time. It took a round of antibiotics to get it all cleared up. I have the decongestant and the steroid here ready to go, in hopes that it will prevent this junk from settling into my chest again.

I have also struggled with the first few weeks of the Bradbury Challenge. Probably not unexpected. I don’t have a problem with coming up with new story ideas. Lately, I have a problem finishing them. The ideas come at me, each one with its characters screaming to be alive. They are born in a small fictional shop I created in the town of Rome, GA. Seth’s Curio is a happen’n place for weird curiosity items. I can see the store front. It isn’t at all creepy, quaint in fact. Manning the place is a round little man that likes to nap behind the counter. The front of the store is filled with knock-off items that were probably created in some giant press in Malaysia or some other cheap labor country. The back of the store is where the good stuff waits for buyers: One of a kind, Japanese puzzle boxes, carvings of the three wise apes, a gilded horn of the greater Kudu, ceremonial masks, and plenty of other nifty items. Each of these items plays a part in the whole of the story for Seth’s Curio. I hope that it will be a collection of short stories that will blend the weird with the mystic. I just need to wrap those babies up.

I hope that this cold wears off quickly. It is hard to keep the momentum up and fight it off. I would love to hear about your struggles completing a collection of writing. Leave a comment below and chime in.

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